I Became a Podcaster

Hello there! I recently started a new project, as you can see from the title I have officially became a podcaster and I couldn’t be more excited about what it will become in the future. So far I am 4 episodes in and it has been such an experience. I have had one guest so far and have plenty more on the way. To out what it is about into perspective I am doing mental health mostly but I do talk about other topics occasionally to mix things up except for a few topics to avoid stupidity from others. I want my podcast to take off and succeed because I feel the mental health space needs more representation. I’ll continue to provide updates on my podcast as more episodes release so stay tuned.

New Project Inbound

Hey there, I am back with a new post to talk about a new project that I have started. I started a podcast and I am very excited about it. I am hoping this takes off because I really do have my mind set on making this a career. There are a few episodes in the works and I would love to have some guests on board for future episodes. On two separate occasions I was told I have a soothing voice but I don’t hear whaat they hear so I am a tad bit nervous. Usually I wouldn’t think about a career path like this but it would be great for me to have a more serious hobby other than gaming. I think I can go far with this, I am sort of a talker and tend to take interest in what others are working on even if they have it in the planning stages. It can be like a way to get them off the ground with a little bit of advertising or just spread the word, this is a inclusive podcast where things can be discussed freely except for a couple topics because people don’t know how to act when talking about them. I’ll get the word out for people who would be interested in speaking about whatever they enjoy or vent some frustrations they may be dealing with in their lives. Gonna sign off for now and come back with an update when I am on the ground running.


It’s been a good while or rather a year since my last post and that is my fault due to not wanting to deal with wracking my brain consistently with these posts. I am here today to talk about what I have been up too and what will be happening. I have been living life and taking it easy from everything because I gotta do a better job at taking care of myself, It’s been a crazy year with everything which includes moving and I will most certainly be moving again. I came to the conclusion that I need a change of scenery and that includes leaving the state I am currently in. Looking forward to a fresh start as it is something that I believe will be good for me and my mental. Aside from that I have decided to start a podcast, it is still in the beginning stages but I am very excited about what is to come. Currently I have the name, theme & how I am gonna go about it set up. Here’s to hoping this turns out well because it is something that I am looking forward to doing as a career opportunity and that in itself is a big deal and step forward. Recently I have been visiting my dad a lot more and it’s been great. I signed my book for him and all, it put a big smile on his face and one on mine because I was happy he wanted my autograph. I’ll be visiting him in 3 weeks for a nice weekend getaway with him, my stepmother & girlfriend for an early Valentine’s Day dinner since me and her have plans for the actual day ourselves. Keeping it short and sweet today since I am getting back into the swing of things but I shall return with more updates to keep you all in the loop.

Doing What Makes Me Happy

Hey there readers, it’s me again. I am typing this to show that I am doing my part to keep writing but more importantly to keep me happy because this is one of my hobbies. I recently moved to a new location out of the city and it is a change of pace and fresh air but I can tell it will take some getting used to in this new environment. I have taken the liberty to explore a bit and see what’s around that can keep me sane. There is a gym that I am currently subbed to so that is a plus since I enjoy getting my workout in whenever possible, it’s one of the few things that keeps me distracted from inside my own head. Being on the outside of the city has its advantages but I am slowly getting comfortable with my new surroundings and I am happier with this decision. Did I mention the restaurant choices are just as good also? It is raining out so I won’t be doing much exploring today especially with these back roads and steep hills but hopefully tomorrow will be better. Can I be lazy all day and just listen to music or perhaps watch a movie? Rainy days are good at times but today just feels meh, but I will still take what I can get.

Hello World

Hey all, giving a life update and checking in to let you all know that I am still here and things are going pretty well for me at the moment. I have made some changes and it has been pretty awesome to say the least. This website will be changing a little bit because I want to explore more types of content I post because I want to express myself more and I’d love to share and get more readers who share similar interests. I’ll do a test run this week and hopefully I have good results, until then.

Been a little stressful and relaxed

It’s been a good minute since I just sat and written anything in regards to my mental health. I think I’ve just gotten off my wave and lost interest for a bit and that is partially due to my mental status but I am slowly getting it back. On the plus side I have been doing well with keeping my episodes in check and there is possibly just a small chance that this week I won’t experience anything at all. I know this post is random and much too small but I am getting my groove back and I have something cooking up with a person I’ve recently befriended. Until then 

Back from hiatus

I just wanted to give a brief post about my return to writing. A lot has happened since then and I am eager to share my past experiences starting soon. I look forward to sharing all the news, until then.

The World Is Going Through It

It has been 3 months since my last post and it feels good to be here typing a new one. A lot has happened since then regarding my health and what’s going on outside my mental space. The world seems to have been in the midst of a pandemic and as crazy as it sounds I am feeling less scared by that and more scared about how it will affect the severity of my sister & psych. I have been taking precautions on making sure everything will be alright. I am hopeful that this will all pass in a month or two but on the other hand I don’t see a ending in sight. My suggestion is for people to remain calm and try to relax, I know this virus is a serious and frightening situation but spiraling out of control will not make this any better. The city I live in has been talking about a shutdown and I’ve been thinking about what could possibly happen during this situation. One possibility is that the residents will get restless and riot but then I think we can make it through this. I am hopeful it will pass over and things will return to normal if we all follow the rules and regulations that is provided to ensure we do not get sick. Here’s to a bright future ahead because we are all in this together.

Final Post Of The Decade

What I will be doing in 2020 is making sure that I keep any and all people who doesn’t know my self worth and only keeps me around or communicates with me just to help their own ego or self benefit. I am much more valuable than that and I will not let anyone hold me back. This year has had its fair share of shitty problems and I’ve been holding on to one in particular that I won’t let get to me anymore. I am going to push forward in this entirely new decade with nothing but positive outlook and hope that my new changes will be enough to ensure my goals. I am deeply sorry that I do not have much left to add to this post but at this exact moment I am all out of fucks to give and what I want most for now is to enjoy the final 2 hours of 2019 with my family and start anew in the morning. Happy New Year and enjoy your transition into 2020!

A New Chapter Has Begun

So my sister has finally been released and we are currently living together now. I wanted to give it at least a few weeks before making a post on it so that I could not only get myself and her situated but also to give this new arrangement time to adjust. It has been exponentially good so far and there hasn’t been any complications or complaints with her health. I have times where I am exhausted but that is the normal when caring for an ill person. These past 3 weeks have been flying by and at the moment I feel as though things will be alright. We have been enjoying ourselves here in the new house, we went out shopping a few times and I make sure she is at all of her appointments. It’s nice to have her home after three years and she always expresses how glad she is to not have to deal with hospitals and rehabilitation centers 24/7. I am a little worried that some things will change with her health but I am constantly on guard when it comes to that and I don’t see myself backing off whatsoever. When she isn’t at her appointments we are here watching television and talking about things we can do now that she is under my supervision. There is this nice restaurant we used to go to with our mother before she passed and that is one of the first places we are going to go as a way of preserving a memory for her.