First signs of my Schizophrenia

When I was growing up I usually kept to myself at times aside from maybe 6 friends, even then I seemed to feel like I was different from them in some sort of way. I began to hear voices at 12 but I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe it was normal seeing as how I was just a kid and was still developing as an individual. My thoughts weren’t anything bad just like someone was there with me and it only seemed to happen when I was alone or at least for the time being back then. I remember sitting and eating lunch one day and literally having a conversation in my head with myself about different things, it was comforting to say the least. There were days where it would be serious stuff like as if it were an argument and I’m battling some inner demons so I got the hint that maybe something should be done sooner or later, well fast forward to age 15 I finally decided that maybe I should check into some things so I asked my mother about it, she looked kinda confused at first but she knew exactly what it was hitting for so we got both a therapist and doctor and after some tests it was confirmed that it was indeed Schizophrenia. It was tough to take in because being an adolescent I was under the impression that it’s a problem that may soon hurt me or somebody else in the end… To be continued.

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