Stress levels were starting to overcome me

Good morning world I truly apologize for the extremely late post, I had a busy week and my stress levels were becoming a problem. I have a lot going on and my mental state was at a high. This won’t be a continuous thing of me going days without posting, I just needed to make sure I was ok and didn’t need to fall back permanently. There are days I don’t feel adequate with myself and this week was one of those times I felt like giving up completely. I can recount the moments I felt like I wasn’t good enough to press forward but I won’t do that. I do have a support system in place that helps keep me here so I do wanna thank them from the bottom of my heart for staying and not abandoning me for some petty or selfish reason. They are truly a wonderful bunch of individuals who check on me daily and makes sure they talk to me in a way I don’t feel like a lesser person. Tomorrow I will be back to ol’ regular self so be prepared for my posts to be back to the way they were previously!

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