No problems so far

Good morning world, I’m here with a quick post or rather status update on my health and I’m happy to report there are no problems whatsoever. I know I said I wouldn’t be slacking on my posts but I have a legitimate reason and that’s because I’ve been busy this past week with things pertaining to my sister. I’ll share a story on her situation soon enough but bare with me on today’s post because I do have some more to do today and will most definitely be back on the posting grind! I do hope everyone is feeling great today and you enjoy my Blog because a dear friend and role model put this together for me to share what I’m feeling and going through and I can’t thank this person enough for this amazing opportunity. I was convinced to share my struggles and I’m so happy I followed through with it because now after doing this blog there’s a certain relief of my shoulders. I’ll be back to myself once I am done being so busy but I’ll still keep you all updated.

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