Almost lost my Brother

I remember when my younger brother was seriously injured a few years ago, he was shot and at that time I had no idea it even happened. One time he came back home for college break and he was out seeing his friends after a few months of being on campus so of course you’d think nothing of it, It got a little confusing when I didn’t hear from him in 2 days because I usually hear from him regardless of whatever he’s doing so me and the rest of my family were worried that something might’ve happened to we decided to check around and had others do it too. When we got a call he was in the hospital all hell broke loose, hearing that he was shot and nobody said anything until 2 days later was terrifying and fucked up royally. I remember seeing the look on my mother’s face, she was quiet and had this insane look as if she was turned to stone. I felt my stomach in my throat and having all types of thoughts running through my head, so many visions and words that seemed like it was causing my breath to shorten. I didn’t go to the hospital because I wasn’t allowed to be in there due to some sort of investigation of sorts about drugs and robbery, it was weird because my younger brother wasn’t out doing any of that so it kinda made me think maybe some sort of lie was told to cover some tracks and he was the fall guy. I remember hearing all of this and thinking someone needed to die or at least answer for the bullshit that was going on, I wanted to wake up from this nightmare because it seemed like it wasn’t real. My mother told me he had one arm handcuffed to the bar on the bed for security reasons, Obviously it was the police that opted to do that due to this “Investigation” because I knew better. My mind was in a whirlwind from the entire situation and I knew deep down in my heart that some things were gonna be different…

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