Road to recovery

During the process of my brother being released from the hospital we had a hard time with his recovery, he wasn’t being difficult or anything just that the pain was being really unbearable for him. During his unfortunate situation he had to have his spleen removed, I don’t think I’d ever wanna know what that feels like and from what I was witnessing with his pain I was feeling like I would cry. The stitching up he had was insane and he had a constant pain in his legs, I don’t know which was more of a bother for him between the spleen removal or his legs but from the majority of his complaining I would assume it was his legs that troubled him the most. I was constantly looking at my mother’s face when she was caring for his pain, she had sudden looks of discomfort but I say that because it was the kind that seemed like she was causing him more pain even though he knew that wasn’t the case. I was helping with his healing and usually got nervous at the time of me wrapping his legs tightly with bandages to put pressure on his legs so that the pain would be more tolerable, it seemed like it wasn’t a good method but it made him feel better so I did what he wanted and my anxiety was up from the thought of making it worse and just seeing him in this condition. The days were going by and nothing seemed to get better with his health so we kept him to the wheelchair when he needed to go out, I was always worried that being out wasn’t gonna be good for him but appointments were necessary for his recovery so I swallowed my anxiety and kept quiet. It’s pretty hard to discuss this story because it is a constant memory that’s burned into my brain and when I look back on these dark times I can feel my mental issues creeping up on me as if I’m at fault for something I’m unaware of, I’ll continue on with this story and what is my life because I want you to see the real me and hopefully what you gather from these words are something that shows how I survived for this long. Until then, I sign off.

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