Building myself up

Today I awoke with some soreness in my body, a sore throat and a headache, I’m most definitely getting sick and it’s not a great feeling at all. I was gonna use today to get myself prepared for my medication that I’ll eventually be getting back on but that didn’t go as planned due to the circumstances, I’m not really upset at it but I’m am pissed that I’m getting sick because it puts a damper on things like going to my appointments. I got a flu shot so I know it’s not that and so far I’m not vomiting but I did have so e stomach pains for a small bit, hopefully it’ll pass on by Monday because I’d really like to get a jump start on my more important errands. I’ve literally been drinking tea all day and it’s been helping with my throat but I can only take so much of it before I get sick and tired of the taste, I also had some cough drops and that’s been a huge help as well. You ever have those times where you overthink things like for example you getting a serious illness? Well that’s what I’m doing at this moment, I’m feeling like I may be catching something that I’ll need a quick prescription for and that’s due to the stomach pains I’ve been having today. I’m gonna keep up what I’ve been doing to keep it in check and hopefully it’s just a cold and the stomach pain is just from something I ate that’s not sitting well due to my weak body right now, I’ll have someone keep an eye on my symptoms along side with me so that I don’t miss anything, I don’t wanna leave anything up to chance at all. I’ll use the rest of the day to take it easy and see what tomorrow brings with an update, until then I bid thee farewell.

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