Health is a little bit better

Giving an update on my health status for you all, I’m still feeling a little under the weather but it’s not like it was yesterday which is a plus so I’m definitely happy about that one. My soreness is still there but it’s more tolerable than yesterday and I can move around a bit more than usual, I still have the the pain in my throat which didn’t subside at all but I did drink more tea today so it gave it a little soothing and it kept me calm for a bit. On a plus side my anxiety hasn’t been up today at least when it came to my Schizophrenia which I am so grateful for, but I did have a tad bit of it when I seen that other parts of my health were getting better but my throat was still giving me a hard way to go. I want more progress tomorrow and I’m hoping that I can get better soon, I said I was hoping to be better by Monday but seeing as how that didn’t come to fruition I’ll settle for the middle of the week. I know I shouldn’t be rushing to get better but I wanna recover quick so that I can get on with my more serious problems known as my mental health. I talked to my mother today in my head and wanted some insight on how I can better deal with the things piling up, I really miss her and I wish that my conversation was real because the more I think about her the more I get depressed that she’s gone and not coming back. If she were here I’d definitely be feeling like I can survive without fear of myself, she was more than my support system and without her I feel vulnerable to self harm which is something I’m trying hard not to do. This is something that I’ll tell my therapist when it comes time for my appointment, hopefully I get an answer on what I can do to survive my own inner demons.

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