Still Feeling Anxious

It’s day 3 of this feeling but it’s not getting better, I’m trying to keep it together but it’s hard to keep my emotions inside so I’d rather let them do what they want. I’m already thinking I still wanna disappear but I’m leaning more towards not going that far. I might spend the rest of the day laying down in bed because I’m not up to doing anything but being depressed. Trying to get over my depression but all I can feel is how I wanna just forget any and everything and just evaporate away. I’ll keep a clear mind but I make no promises on if I’ll be ok later on if at all. Just trying to write this I have tears in my eyes and I can barely keep myself from shaking all over. Should I just end myself now and forget it all that way I’ll be happy or should I continue on? I need answers or at least a sign and I need something soon.

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