Mentally & Physically Drained

I barely slept last night and my body is still in so much pain. I tried to relax but I just couldn’t bring myself to fall into serene bliss. I’m feeling really terrible in my head right now and so far I don’t know what to do. I mean I have a couple ideas on how to get myself going but for the most part it’s honestly not enough. I need someone to tell me it’s ok to have an off day or that it’ll be fine as long as I relax. My anxiety is being rough with me right now and I need it to calm down. The voices aren’t happening so that’s a good sign. Physically my body is hurting from all the working out and I was hoping to feel better after some sleep but since I couldn’t really get any that’s not the case. It’s hard for me to type this without stopping because my brain is saying chill out and my body is throbbing from pushing myself to do better for my health. I think I’ll spend the day laying in bed or try to find some way of keeping my mind and body in check. I can barely move my arms without hurting and I can barely think without my Schizophrenia interfering. I know this post seems like more of a complaint but it’s still something that’s extremely bothersome for me. If I’m not comfortable then I’m not at my best and physically uncomfortable due to exercise is fine and expected but mentally I can’t stand it. I’m going to distract myself from it all and see what happens from there.

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