Nervousness In My Stomach

I think the pressure of my book is settling in, I’ve been extremely excited about it but now that I’m approaching the end of it I’ve been having these feelings or rather second thoughts about it. I constantly think what if it’s not good enough to be considered a book? What if I’m not good enough to be an author? I know I should be a little more positive about it but the way my mind works it’s not that easy. I do hope that whatever happens with this publishing comes out to be positive and that it helps anyone that reads it who may be going through a rough time be it Mental Health or physical health helps them out and gives more insight. I want this to be an everlasting experience and I want it to be an educational ride for those who need ant extra info on how they can help and or survive. I’m confident in the amazing group of people who’s given me this opportunity to write but it’s myself that I doubt. I don’t believe I have the ability to be great at this especially since I never seen myself becoming a writer. This will be a great experience to remember whether it’s good or bad because I’ll learn from it and it’ll help me become even better in the future. I like the path I’ve chosen and I’ll be looking forward to writing more books. I just hope that these feelings now will change into a better mood sooner than later.

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