One Of The Best Reads In A While

So I read this book called “Nobody” by Sarah & Ari Fader and I was instantly intrigued by it. If you haven’t heard of it I sincerely suggest you get a copy and read it. It relates to me and many others because I too feel like I am a nobody and not important enough to matter. I read it 3 times because it was literally that well done. If you have ever felt like an outcast then this book is a definite read. The illustration, colors and wording are put together in a great way that it just ties everything together. I was imagining a time I felt like a complete stranger to the world when I read this book. Those days were some of my darkest and looking back I still feel better about surviving it. I really recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with mental health and those who love to read in general. You will absolutely not be disappointed in the time invested while reading. Go take a gander at this title and see for yourself, you’ll feel the same as I do.

I Don’t Feel Like Anything Is Worth It Anymore

I’m not having the best time right now, I feel hollow and emotionlessly at my limit and the confusing part is I don’t care to breathe anymore. I got this feeling in my stomach that I gave all I have and it wasn’t enough to be important at least. Maybe I’m better off non-existent. Sometimes I wish that I could forget why I still decide to be here and go away. At this point death is a better option than dealing with this. I know I shouldn’t be talking like this but if not another soul cares then I believe it’s ok if I don’t either. This isn’t going to go away so simple unless a miracle happens. Deep down I’m avoiding sleep because I don’t think I will wake up and I am leaning towards allowing that. It’s scary but I ask myself “Does it really matter?” Too bad this isn’t a dream then I’d feel somewhat better but it is what it is I guess. I only struggle with staying because I have a responsibility to take care of in regards to a family member but If something happens I may take that outing. Too many good things happen and are taken away from me without the slightest care as if I’m just something to be used as a back up and it’s enough to make a person lifeless on the inside. I sincerely hope something changes if even a small bit because at this point in time I could really care less about myself or another.