A New Chapter Has Begun

So my sister has finally been released and we are currently living together now. I wanted to give it at least a few weeks before making a post on it so that I could not only get myself and her situated but also to give this new arrangement time to adjust. It has been exponentially good so far and there hasn’t been any complications or complaints with her health. I have times where I am exhausted but that is the normal when caring for an ill person. These past 3 weeks have been flying by and at the moment I feel as though things will be alright. We have been enjoying ourselves here in the new house, we went out shopping a few times and I make sure she is at all of her appointments. It’s nice to have her home after three years and she always expresses how glad she is to not have to deal with hospitals and rehabilitation centers 24/7. I am a little worried that some things will change with her health but I am constantly on guard when it comes to that and I don’t see myself backing off whatsoever. When she isn’t at her appointments we are here watching television and talking about things we can do now that she is under my supervision. There is this nice restaurant we used to go to with our mother before she passed and that is one of the first places we are going to go as a way of preserving a memory for her.

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