Worried about my sister’s well being

I woke up with a sudden feeling of anxiousness, that’s due to me having random thoughts about my sister’s health condition. She’s currently in a rehabilitation center from an accident that turned into her health decline. During her senior year she was hit by a bus and needed surgery, during that surgery something happened and it triggered a dormant disease called Polymyositis. That was 3 years ago and she’s still recovering from the situation. She’s been on oxygen and in a wheelchair due to her weak muscles so you can imagine how I feel let alone her. It’s not easy going through this time but I need to be strong for her and for myself because my mother left me a job to do and that’s to look after my siblings. I’m not the oldest but she felt I was the most responsible I would assume since everything falls on me. I talk to my sister all the time and I worry that something may change in her condition for the worst, she’s recovering well but I don’t wanna jynx it and say it’ll all work out even though that’s the positive attitude to have. I want the best possible outcome but I will settle for her just being out of there even if she’ll be disabled for a few years, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her feel comfortable and not feel regret.I’m just glad my mother isn’t here to see her like this, God rest her soul.

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