I’m so exhausted today

Hello all, last night was a rough night trying to sleep. I feel like all me energy is drained and no amount of coffee will help me. My mental state hasn’t been the best this past weekend and after tossing and turning all night I’m starting to feel the effects this morning… I think maybe today I’ll take it easy and stream a little to calm myself down before I lose myself. I have no clue why I feel this way nor do I intend to let it get the better of me, I’ll push on and because I have a job to do as far as other things go. I’d like to go for a walk even though it’s raining out and get a scent of the fresh air while the winds blows or maybe just pull up a chair and sit on the balcony, either way is fine honestly. Gloomy days like these are usually when my Schizophrenia kicks in more and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or a possible sign but all I can do is see how it plays out and go from there. Starting tomorrow I will be sharing a personal struggle that has been an issue of mine for a couple years, I hope you readers enjoy the posts to come and stick around for the long haul. Until then, be safe!

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