Positive Outlook

Hello world, today will be a sort of different post on my weekend, I had a relatively good one which was good because I didn’t need the added stress on top of adulting. I feel some relief with my mental health so I’m actually all smiles today versus other days when I’m feeling like I wanna rip someone head off. I’ve been doing nothing but keeping my head straight with positive thoughts and had nothing but positive energy around me this weekend, had a nice chat with my sister about the holidays and if course I’m gonna be visiting her while she’s disabled and in a rehabilitation center. She’s pretty excited about the holidays to come since she knows she won’t be alone, I wish I could take her out of there but it’ll be ok since she’ll be surrounded by loved ones. Going into the week I’d like for everything to stay as they are right now, it’s the best I’ve been feeling these past 2 months and I want the feeling to continue on. I’ll most likely be doing my Thanksgiving shopping this week and start preparing for the long and tedious cooking, I’m doing it a little big this year so I want it all to be perfect and most importantly I want to be able to give my sister a nice Thanksgiving feast while she’s recovering. I guess we will see how everything pans out for the most part but I’m confident that it will. For the rest of the day I’m gonna relax and keep myself busy from my thoughts and stay occupied, it’s pretty cold out so if I do leave out for walk or something I’ll be sure to come back in before I get sick. I’m gonna call my brothers and see if they’ll be coming by or if they have plans with their own friends and families. I hope to post another positive post tomorrow, it’ll be nice to go 2-0 just once.

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