An Amazing Friend Indeed

I’ve been getting the utmost support from someone really close to me. She has been really good with asking me about my mental health and just my days in general. I think it has been getting to her that I don’t really take too much time for myself aside from my streaming life whenever I can. We talk every day and our conversations are just as awesome and sometimes childish but all in fun. I haven’t really made posts concerning other people in a positive light but this will be the first of many for how I proceed forward with my blog. I can’t express the gratitude I have for her and how closely she follows my writings, it makes me feel like I genuinely have people who can feel what I write and what I deal with. I want our friendship to continue and hopefully she feels the same. I remember the video she made of her preordering my book and how excited she was to receive it. I can still see the big smile and excitement she had when she left the store with her receipt in tow. If I remember correctly she also made a special area on her desk in front of all her streaming equipment just so my book can always be close by. I care for her dearly and I know we will be friends for many moons to come.

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