Long Recovery

I spent the last week being under the weather and it was a terrible time. For a good while it felt like I wasn’t going to make it but I fought through it. When I was going through this rough time I still had some important tasks at hand, I remember needing to run a big errand for my sister while still packing things for the move. I had the hardest time getting things going, at one point it felt as if I were going to pass out from the loss of breath and constant throbbing in my head. I did the best I could do with my condition and I somehow managed to survive the ordeal, I don’t think I’d be willing to attempt any sudden activities in that situation again unless I absolutely need to have it done. I spent my weekend keeping my health in order simply because I was worried that I may need to see someone. I tend to get paranoid from time to time whenever I recover from an issue involving my health. At the moment of me typing this I am just falling back from a stressful yet eventful week and it is some much needed me time. Starting monday it will be back to errands and hopefully my normal routine. I am not typing this looking for a pat on the back or sympathy, I am putting this in writing because for me I feel as if I accomplished something and with minimal complaining.

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