First Post Of 2019

I have finally returned after a busy holiday with family and friends, let me just say that I apologize for taking so long to post because I feel like I have left my readers hanging. This year I will try to make better because I’ve been given some really great opportunities and I tend to make the most of them. I will be as consistent as I possibly can with my blog now that I’m not as stressed out, I have been feeling a little bit better in terms of my mental health but those bad emotions and negative thoughts are still there with me as I type right now. I wanna make sure that I press forward in my huge opportunity I was given this year and I want it to be absolutely perfect. In case you are wondering what it is, it’s me writing a book on both mental health and my life. I look forward to the final product and I want everyone who reads it to get a better understanding of what I am discussing. My excitement for this is through the roof but I’m also a little nervous because it’s my first time doing this. If this book turns out really well I would definitely be interested in doing another one, hell even if I fail or meet low expectations I’d be willing to give it another shot to redeem myself. I never really seen myself as a writer and I never gave it a thought to writing. These turn of events on how my life has turned out have been crazy but also some of it has turned out amazing. I’m making 2019 a better year for me and will send positive vibes around for everyone around me also, so here’s to a great start.

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