A Nice Day Out

Tuesday my little sister Briana had her 21st birthday and I made sure it was a good one. We took her out to dinner and drinks so that she could enjoy it and she had an absolute blast. I was a little skeptical of taking her out because her health isn’t the best and I didn’t want something to happen and I’m completely useless on how to help her. She was a little worried herself because she doesn’t leave much from the Rehabilitation Center and when she does it isn’t this far out there away from medical attention but all in all aside from that it was a great time with her. I had to take both her wheelchair and her walker so that I was sure she’d be ok and it’s take some of my anxiety away as well as hers. Seeing the smile on her face and her enjoying the food, drinks and company was definitely a highlight for me given the past few years have been nothing but a bummer. My sister definitely deserved this day out and I am definitely happy that I was able to deliver such an amazing moment for her special day. I wish more people could’ve joined in but I also understand how busy others are during this period so just the few there were very much appreciated. I hope that the next time I take her out for any activity she will be much better this time around.

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