The Meaning Of The Laid Back Schizophrenic

I wanna give you all a proper description of what I mean when I say that I am The Laid Back Schizophrenic. It’s how I’ve come to accept who I am and how I handle myself in society with my diagnosis. I won’t lie and say that I’m 100% happy with the cards I’ve been dealt but everything happens for a reason right? I tend to keep everything low key when it comes to myself. I’m not one to draw attention to myself and honestly that’s due to partially being afraid of getting made fun of. I said that I’ve come to terms with who I am but there are moments where I do slip up and forget any of that matters. I’m someone who takes things a step at a time and I’ve found that for me it’s always easier on myself when I’m moving at a steady pace. Normally people would get the impression that being laid back would mean somewhat lazy but I’ve taken that term and made it into how I live with mental health. If I’m not being laid back then I’m going to be unhinged and that’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. My experiences with growing up mentally ill have become a stepping stone to surviving with the belief that no matter what happens I am still a good person and I am normal just like anyone else. Being Schizophrenic isn’t a curse, it’s a unique way of setting oneself apart from the rest of the mold and sometimes it works out other times it doesn’t but mental health has it’s ups and downs. I know that may be a weird way of looking at it but that’s how I set myself apart from fear of giving in and I constantly have to tell myself that I’m not different in a bad way, I’m different because my brain refuses to let me follow others. There’s gonna be more times I’ll wanna just non-existent but I’m always gonna prepare for it and if I’m still as strong as I am now I’ll still wake up the next day and smile.

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