I remember having these random silhouettes appearing around me. I often thought that they were something that I seen from stress and they would eventually go away. I used to be so scared at the fact I was seeing them and I thought they were possibly ghosts. My first time seeing them was when I was home alone and it was quite the experience. At first I didn’t exactly know what I should do but I hid myself from it all and waited until someone came home. I didn’t know how I would explain my situation to my mother and to completely honest I didn’t wanna say anything at all. I think I maybe decided not to say anything at first due to not seeming like I’m entirely crazy but I felt security in that decision for 5 mins until I realized that I should say something to anyone at all. I gave my mother the details on what transpired and she said I should definitely let my therapist know about it which is exactly what I did. Letting out my fear of these hallucinations almost stopped me from leaving the house completely and as time went on I let it control me mentally. For at least a week and a half I didn’t leave the house unless it was completely day time outside and even then it wasn’t good enough. I had just enough strength to let it go if even for a little while I helped my mom grocery shop. It wasn’t an easy task because they were there as if I was being watched and I sometimes even heard them speak. I was told things like to hurt myself or kill someone. It was hard trying to block them out and I almost let them get to me a few times but I managed to hold it together. I wouldn’t wanna experience those times again and I don’t want anyone else who goes through the same thing to struggle anymore.

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