Substance Abuse

This isn’t an easy topic to discuss but yes as the title suggest this will be about substance abuse. This isn’t me struggling with it but rather there was a time where my mother used. I didn’t know exactly what it was back then because I was extremely young. But seeing that happen for a short period of time was tough on me and my siblings. I was confused at how one could fall into such bad habits and how can we fix it. I didn’t wanna say anything to anyone at the time about it until I knew exactly how to approach the situation. By the time I decided to say anything my older brother already knew what the situation was and he tried his best to make us ignore it. It worked for my younger siblings but I knew better about all of it. I guess I was too scared to say anything to him because the others were still normal about everything but in my gut I wanted to scream. She almost overdosed one time and we called an ambulance to assess the situation. At that point we had to say something to my siblings about the problem so after she was taken to the hospital we let out everything. We told our grandmother about what’s been going on and that wasn’t a good topic at all. I look back at that time and wonder if I could’ve done something to change it? I guess I was possibly too distracted to realize it.

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