Just Breathe

I had a really relaxing day, I let myself just fall back and go with the flow. I figured it would be a good idea to just release all my tension and become at ease with myself. I was kind of surprised to see I didn’t have not one bit of anxiety today and it was such a good feeling. I don’t remember the last time I literally felt not one thing of anxiety, depression or even the voices. Maybe this was the break I’ve been so desperately trying to have, maybe things are going to finally start being a little more positive in my favor since I’ve been feeling like absolute shit for awhile now. I won’t get greedy and try to force more of these days but I will remember this moment until the next time I have one again. I felt like everything was new and nothing was going to sway my positive position. I’ll admit it was rather surprising to have these feelings the very next day I’ve been wanting to forget about everything. I’m going to try and finish my book and have this day as a reminder that even with all my faults I’m still able to function if even a little bit to finish my goal. I’ll be going out tomorrow morning so from there I’ll see what awaits me and I’ll be sure to face it head on. I still get scared at the next day each and every time but that’s all apart of me being human and not closing myself in from being human.

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