In My Own Way

I’m finally posting again after a break. I was a little overwhelmed with all that I have going on so I decided to take a breath of fresh air and not blog for a bit. I did manage to get my book finished with it’s final chapters and I’m just waiting for the last bit of edits to come through. I do wanna apologize to anyone who’s been waiting for a post but I needed this time off so that I wouldn’t break down. I’m relaxed and ready to get back to my blogging. I took these days to remember that I’m still human and sometimes it’s ok to relax if need be. Now that I’ve gotten my mental state back on track for now I can finally get back to my blogging. I wanna have more to say on this post but nothing worth saying has really happened aside from resting and catching up on my other responsibilities. I will have to make sure I’m not going to overwhelm myself with duties again. I was scared for myself and this time it was a lesson learned. I don’t think I’ve ever taken this much time off from anything before but it felt like it’s been forever. I know it’s been a month but I need my psych together whenever I’m writing or blogging otherwise it affects how I operate on a daily basis. I hope this relaxed atmosphere continues.

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