New Project Inbound

Hey there, I am back with a new post to talk about a new project that I have started. I started a podcast and I am very excited about it. I am hoping this takes off because I really do have my mind set on making this a career. There are a few episodes in the works and I would love to have some guests on board for future episodes. On two separate occasions I was told I have a soothing voice but I don’t hear whaat they hear so I am a tad bit nervous. Usually I wouldn’t think about a career path like this but it would be great for me to have a more serious hobby other than gaming. I think I can go far with this, I am sort of a talker and tend to take interest in what others are working on even if they have it in the planning stages. It can be like a way to get them off the ground with a little bit of advertising or just spread the word, this is a inclusive podcast where things can be discussed freely except for a couple topics because people don’t know how to act when talking about them. I’ll get the word out for people who would be interested in speaking about whatever they enjoy or vent some frustrations they may be dealing with in their lives. Gonna sign off for now and come back with an update when I am on the ground running.