Dark thoughts or Inner demons???

Morning all, shall we jump back into this saga? When I left my confirmation of my condition things really took a turn, not for the worse but it felt like I getting some sort of uneasy feeling. I remember one day riding the bus and having thoughts about harming someone , I didn’t go through with it because I was strong enough to resist the urge but I think about the repercussions of said “activity” if I had done the deed. It’s been a few occasions I’ve felt this way but nothing recent. One day I was at therapy and sweating because it was so hard to sit there and admit I had moments of wanting to slit some one else’s throat and dismember the body, It sounds dark but like I said… I’m not biting my tongue. My anxiety was starting to get the best of me because being so young I thought that this would count as a confession of some sorts even though I knew better, still couldn’t help the situation and was inches to passing out. After the session ended I felt a sense of security that I was able to release this secret, to this day I still get anxious just speaking of it. This was just one day of what transpired during my younger years and you’ll be a little surprised on what’s to come.

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