My biggest decision thus far

Hello world, when I last left off I told you that I made a decision that didn’t sit well with my mother at first. I decided that I needed to remove myself from School since I wasn’t sure that my psych can handle it and because I was worried about the safety of others. I know it seems like maybe it’s a little much but in my head it was nothing but dark thoughts. I went a few weeks outside of school to get my head together before going for my G.E.D, at the time I needed to be sure I can go and not break down or spill my utmost secrets to any of the other students. I didn’t tell anyone what was going on, not even my friends because I wasn’t comfortable in my actions to say the least but I figured that if I was to maintain a normal life and self control I’d need to eventually reveal everything. Taking my medication was difficult because I wasn’t sure it would help me at all, I thought it was a gimmick of sorts to numb me and suppress my emotions. There were a few times I secretly didn’t take them but maybe I got lucky since nothing terrible has happened while not taking them. All in all, to say there weren’t repercussions for those actions eventually would be a lie…

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