Actions have consequences

When I decided to not take my medication on certain days It felt like everything would be fine because I didn’t have that numbness I felt when taking them. I’ll admit at least twice I didn’t take them just because I didn’t feel like it and was in denial about being better. During that time things were kinda bad but not overly serious, I began to overthink situations that could happen while not taking my pills and because of that my mind started to spiral. I remember having a panic attack at the situation and thus was unable to finish my classes for the day. I had my mother meet me at the center I was taking my classes at because I was scared and my anxiety was through the roof. I had teachers sit with me until she got there but I didn’t tell them what was really going on because as I said, I was fearful of letting out my secret. They did ask questions about why I was feeling this way but I just lied and said I’m not feeling well. When my mother arrived I told her what I did and although she was a little frustrated at first she understood where I was coming from. I look back on that day and think about what could’ve happened had I continued on but that’s just a small glimpse of something greater from that one single choice.

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