Having courage to tell others

So I have a secret, I haven’t told my family of this blog yet. I might be a little afraid of the critical response if there will be any. They know nothing of my hardships with my Schizophrenia so I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the possible outcomes to my telling them. I’ll most likely tell my siblings first, they know of my mental health but not the past things I’ve been through. I wonder what the reaction will be to my past attempt at suicide? I do know that my younger brother at most will probably have a few words but it’s to be expected. Maybe it’s time I let go of the pressure and just be myself, maybe I should let my mind wander into whatever place is necessary. These are the things I think about on a daily basis, this feeling of acceptance is killing me. Should I worry about what others may think of me, or should I  just keep to myself? I’d like a sign or something to ease my thoughts. Today is a good day, the weather is nice and I have no anxiety. Maybe I’ll start making some calls to lift a burden of my shoulders.

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