Took some time to myself

Hello world, I’m back from a break to post this new one. I took the weekend to myself so that I could unwind and gather more energy for this week. I had some drinks, played a few games, watched some movies and collected more cards from the shop. Overall I had a good weekend and I’d like to have more like this on a regular basis. It feels good to just forget the world for once and just unwind from all the stress in life, I talked to my sister like usual and the conversation was good, all in all my weekend was worth it. Today I feel pretty damn good, the weather is amazing and so far my mental health isn’t bothering me. I think i’ll do what I did this past weekend and just breathe easy, I like the comfort of being able to have my mind empty with no pressure. This post was me getting back on my game so tomorrow I will get back to the story that shaped me into who I am now, until then.

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