I have returned!

Hello all, I have returned from a few days of peace and relaxation. I needed the time off so that I could clear my head of negative energy. I went to a haunted attraction this weekend called Pennhurst Asylum. It was so fun and all the stuff I seen had me wanting to go back. The place had Sword Swallowers, Fire Breathers and creepy nurses that mad it all look believable. It was a long line to get in but it was worth the wait. There was another nice family we did the attraction with which made it more comfortable for my anxiety, the sheer amount of authentic props and actors was so good you would think that some of them were actually trying to take people away. I think my favorite part of the adventure were the tunnels because they were dark and had them completely fogged up with skeletons and actors jumping from the shadows. I laughed at all the people screaming in fear from the actors saying frightening things to us as we walked or ran by. I’d like to go back and definitely do it again, all in all it was an amazing experience and was the first one I ever had so it’s something I’d continue to do for sure.

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