Fall weather makes me feel serene

Hello world, I’ve been keeping myself busy with things that distracts me from my brain activity. Today is a nice peaceful day and I feel relaxed enough that so far no worrying thoughts. I wanted to make a more serious post about how my life was back then but I didn’t wanna add on to any negativity that’ll be a catalyst for my mental health. I’m currently typing this outside on the balcony as the wind blows and the leaves fall down, the breeze feels wonderful and this is the kind of atmosphere I need at the moment. I haven’t had any anxiety these past 3 days so that’s a step in the right direction or at least I think so. Later tonight I’ll most likely be out for a nice walk depending on how cold it gets, if that’s the case I can probably share a few snapshots of how beautiful it looks around here with all the Halloween decorations and other things. I’ll keep you guys updated on my life as usual so continue to hang on for a good ride 😉

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