A great visit

I went to see my sister, I gave her a surprise visit and she was thrilled. She’s close to recovery which means she’ll be released sooner rather than later, we were reminiscing about growing up and talking about things we will do once she gets out. She’s missed out on the last 3 years so she wants to catch up on a lot of things, finally going to college is one thing she wants to do even if it has to be online, she’s been in there right after she graduated high school so I can definitely tell she’s ready to start her life as an adult now. I’ll be taking care of her so she’ll always have some help with any of her medical needs on top of anything else around the house, I’ll make sure she’s very comfortable which in turn will make my stress and anxiety much better. Seeing her recover under my care will still have it’s moments of stress due to me over thinking something will go wrong but I’ll be confident I can do a good job. I’ve been feeling like she’s a little down on herself because she needs a caretaker but I know she is aware that it isn’t her fault that her body decided to screw her over, I’m always feeling like I need to stress out over her health and how much I need to do to make sure I screw up her situation anymore than it already is. I’m a little confident I’ll be of some help if even for a little bit, I’ll make sure I can be the best help she needs that way we can both relax in comfort and stress free.

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