Not so stressed

Sorry for the delay with a new post, I had a busy couple days and I really needed to get my energy back. I’m not feeling so stressed out now that my sister and her recovery is starting to pick up more. She’s been getting her breathing back to the point she is no longer on a machine to help out, the only issue now is her walking which she still needs a wheelchair to get around. It’s a huge relief off of my mind because now I don’t think about if she’ll stop breathing anymore, my anxiety was constantly up thinking about losing her. Today I woke up more calm than I’ve been in months and that’s most likely due to the fact that so far I haven’t received any type of ridiculous news concerning any bad situations with family. I wish I could see a smile from my mother and grandmother because I know they’d tell me I’m doing a good job with what I was entrusted, I wanna continue to make them proud so they can see that I’m not slacking off and them giving me an important job wasn’t for nothing. I was looking at the last two photos they were in before leaving me and had some tears, I miss them so much and would give anything to see them one last time, I’d do anything to see a smile and spend a whole 24 hours with them again. I do often think about this and part of it is where my stress falls from, I don’t wanna always be down and out but this is something that can’t be helped. I won’t let it stop me from living my life though, I’ll keep myself up and running for my family.

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