Some days are better than others

My week wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either, I was constantly feeling like I needed time alone or I couldn’t be any better. But yesterday I was feeling really good because I got to finish up some things that I’ve been working on and on top of that I didn’t feel like I was in shambles and no voices in my head. Maybe yesterday was something of an anomaly because I don’t usually feel that good nor do I not feel like I have nothing to worry about, I was pretty happy about that he whole thing and I did have a slight bit of anxiety because I was thinking for a bit that this is too good to be true and something will most likely happen to ruin this mood I’m enjoying. I kept productive to keep my mind off of things and it kinda worked, I had a nice conversation with a great person which turned out to be something to lift my spirits even more. Today I feel good still and I’m wanting to get even more stuff done which I will be doing, I might do some exercises today that will relax my body and mind that way I can keep my anxiety non-existent for the most part. I’ll probably go on this trail I see people biking and running on, I’ve lived here for almost a year now and still have not checked it out yet, maybe I’ll meet some interesting people who deal with the same issues I do which means I’ll be possibly be able to gain some insight on what else I can do to not worry so much.

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