My Experiences Lately

I’ve been doing pretty well for myself as of late with my issues. I won’t say that it has been 100% accurate on my part but I made progress. I was reflecting on myself and it’s kinda paying off. Another bright note is that my sister will be getting discharged soon from the rehabilitation center. She’ll still be in a wheelchair but she’s a lot more lively and she is smiling like she used too. I’m glad that things are turning around for the better because it’s a lot of stress off of us. I was taking in this nice weather and just felt relaxed. I went for plenty of walks and had clear thoughts the most of the way. I was able to keep myself busy with the bad thoughts I usually have and for the first few times I felt happy. I want my sister to laugh at this situation one day and know that she didn’t give up. I’ve been talking to her recently about her plans after she gets out and from what I know she wants to finally do college. She’ll have to do some online classes for a bit until she’s fully recovered but overall she says she is perfectly fine with that. We have a meeting for her discharge from there in a few weeks so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it will be good news for everyone. Looking forward to seeing how life will be with me being her caretaker.

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