Eventful Week

I am using my weekend to unwind from the last few days I had. My sister’s health hasn’t been the best lately and she was doing so well. Her condition is starting to flare up again and it’s caused her to need special treatment again. She had a low blood count and her spleen was inflamed and ammonia was found so she was moved to another center to have her taken care of. She was given a Bone Marrow procedure and a Blood Transfusion to combat her illness. It was a lot to process at first but it is better to have them do whatever they can than worry so much about her being as sick as can be. I got all the info I needed to better understand what is going on and what they will do to treat her. I will admit it was hard going into her room and seeing tubes and machines plugged into her but I know it’s in her best interest. I spent the entire day with her after surgery and made sure she was comfortable. If things do not get better for her and I really don’t want to think this way but I will have to be prepared for the worst whether I like it or not.

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