Final Post Of The Decade

What I will be doing in 2020 is making sure that I keep any and all people who doesn’t know my self worth and only keeps me around or communicates with me just to help their own ego or self benefit. I am much more valuable than that and I will not let anyone hold me back. This year has had its fair share of shitty problems and I’ve been holding on to one in particular that I won’t let get to me anymore. I am going to push forward in this entirely new decade with nothing but positive outlook and hope that my new changes will be enough to ensure my goals. I am deeply sorry that I do not have much left to add to this post but at this exact moment I am all out of fucks to give and what I want most for now is to enjoy the final 2 hours of 2019 with my family and start anew in the morning. Happy New Year and enjoy your transition into 2020!

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