Moving Forward

I’ve been getting a lot better on my health habits. I kinda feel like I’ve been feeling somewhat better about the way I feel in regards to my body. The exercise and all the healthier eating really makes a difference in how I can operate physically. Mentally I still feel drained of everything and I can tell It’s not going to change for a bit. I still do what I can to keep myself distracted but I always get this feeling in my stomach that it’s not enough. It’s not easy trying to juggle my physical health on top of my mental health. I’m trying my best but I kind of want a break from everything just for a day or two. I’m doing the best I can to hold it together mentally for the sake of other responsibilities but at some point I need some time off. Maybe the gym will eventually do more to distract me. I’m hoping it’s possible at least. When I’m not struggling in my head I’m keeping it together outside with my body. It’s hard juggling both but I’m working on it and hopefully I find a solution soon. I may speak to someone about my recent feelings and see what I can do to balance myself out. I want it to work out for the best so I’ll keep positive and maybe things will look brighter in my future.

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